Friday, February 4, 2011

      This is the X-37B an experimental unmanned space vehicle. Why waste all that fuel to put man into space when a robot can do the same job without risk to human beings? Looks like a NASA project, but it's not. It's the US air force. They claim to be using it to bring equipment into space to test it out, but who are they kidding, any rocket can do that, I think this thing will be used as a highly maneuverable weapons platform.
      It launches inside the nose of an Atlas 5 rocket. And Boeing has built 2 of these things, the other was successfully flown last year and this one will be launching in early march. They wont release the specs on it but I'm sure it would be no problem to fill one with a lot of weapons. Laser technology could actually be practical in disabling enemy satellites.


  1. eventually everything in the military will be automated. as you say.. why risk human life?

  2. You're right, it's probably for weapons. I mean, why else would the military do it?