Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bloodcurdling tales of horror and the macabre...

     I don't do a lot of reading but when I do, this guy is probably my favorite author. I was introduced to sci-fi horror at an early age by movies like Predator 2 and Aliens. As a teenager I wrote a short story for English class, it being a tale of insanity and horror ending in suicide, my teacher had written on it how well written it was, and suggested I take a look at the works of H. P. Lovecraft. I was only into those kinda crappy fantasy novels before that, but I decided to pick up a copy from the library. Holy crap I read the very first storey and my head literally exploded.

     I challenge anyone into horror or sci-fi to only read the first story in this book. Its only the warm up of the most creepy, horrible, insane, and perverse stories I've read in a book. Its a collection of shorter stories/novels and I have never read anything as amazing. He was born in 1890, and literally invented the sci-fi/horror genre, his otherworldly concepts and twists are my favorite. Its almost impossible to describe how a lot of his works go without ruining the entire reading experience.

     The rats in the walls. This art was inspired by the story by Lovecraft, and is one of my all time favorites. Again, I recommend it but I find it hard to describe what this is about without ruining the entire story, its a good starter since its fairly short. It however does involve rats in the walls.  And a lot of other stuff you will never ever see coming i promise you that. Its quite disturbing to read, as almost all of his works.

    Remind you of gears of war? hell yeah he came up with the idea of this kind of monster 100 years ago almost. An awesome story I haven't got around to reading any of the later tales but the first left a lasting impression on me, and was incredibly weird and sci fi like. I highly recommend it, again its not super long which is what I like. Its nice to read a whole insane piece of fiction in 1 or 3 sittings, I usually cant put it down.

    The lines of sci-fi and horror are so blurred sometimes you are left with questions, and a lot of them fill your head with ideas of "what really happened". But a lot of the time your never gonna know, this is another great piece of work again nice and short and well worth the read. Insanity? space ship? I have no idea.

     If your not so inclined as a reader check out this film of one of his works Dagon. I'm sure NONE of you will be disappointed watching it all the way through. There's a reason they never showed this thing in theatres, but I will let you find out about how fast this movie goes from horror to horror/perv in 2 seconds.

     This is the book I received for Christmas and man am I ready to dive into this, I'll give a list of the stories at the bottom but it has some old ones I haven't read in a long time, and a lot of titles I cant wait to read like "The Shadow Out of Time" and "The Picture in The House". That last one sounds kind lame from the title but if you've read him before you defiantly have some memory of some creepy portrait you've seen before earlier in your life that just gave you chills. Defiantly my favorite Christmas present hopefully I will find the time during school to sit down and read it soon.


  1. "The Darktower Series" by Stephen King is a must read if you haven't already.. good job digging up the dirty roots of the macabre! H.P. is the man!!

  2. I love to read, although stories of horror are well out of my realm. I know the excitement of having new books to read :)

  3. Such a sick author. I've enjoyed every book I've read by him.

  4. i'm going to check some of these books, nice post

  5. What ever you do, read every single one of his stories! They are all excellent. Twists galore! I am so excited to see that Lovecraft has not gone the way of many writers. His works have been an inspiration for my writing style as well. Actually he got me through English Comp in college sophomore year. I read every one of his stories I could find, the ones about old New England are some of the best in my eyes.

  6. Lovecraft is easily my favorite horror writer of all time. He's absolutely brilliant.